Back in March, we wrote about Lucio Di Jasio’s book featuring mikromedia for PIC24: “Graphic, Touch, Sound and USB.” Recently, Lucio expanded the book’s content through his blog, adding support for mikromedia for PIC 24EP and mikromedia for PIC32.

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The book “Graphics, Touch, sound and USB” contains eight chapters leading you through different projects that explore the potentials of mikromedia for PIC24.

To expand the book, our friend Lucio went through all the projects and ported them, first for mikromedia for PIC24EP, then for mikromedia for PIC32. For Lucio it was a “relatively painless experience,” as he said, with some useful lessons learned along the way.

To see what Lucio had to do to port the projects from the book, chapter by chapter, visit the mikromedia for PIC24EP and mikromedia for PIC32 pages on his blog (The source code for each project is also available).

And while you’re there, be sure to check the beautiful pictures of Trieste that he took while flying over it recently.

As for the book itself, we are happy to announce, you’ll be able to buy it from our store very soon. Just wait for a few more days.

Yours sincerely,

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