GPS 2 click, a great click board, goes to well deserved retirement. Get it on major clearence discount.

GPS 2 click clearence

GPS 2 click includes Quectel L30 GPS module as well as SMA antenna connector. Module has advanced jamming suppression mechanism and innovative RF architecture ensuring maximum GPS performance. It supports location, navigation and industrial applications including autonomous GPS C/A, SBAS (WAAS or EGNOS) and A-GPS. Manufacturer decided to build the next generation module, so this one is going obsolete. Nevertheless, GPS 2 click is a great performing board, and there’s really no disadvantages if you want to use it in your next home or student project. We just don’t recommend it for professional customers, as you’ll have hard time buying the module for mass production.

For the first time in history, we’re giving you the opportunity to grab GPS 2 click at MEGA discount of $30.00, which is more than 68% price reduction. Get it while you can. Stock is running out!

Yours sincerely,

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