Click board combinations at great prices to get your creative juices flowing.

click packs

Clear your workbench and start inventing gadgets! We’re introducing a special selection of click packs. Four in each pack, these click board combinations will send you wandering through the wilderness or keep you at home cooking culinary wonders.

Have fun devising your own gadgets and learn how different modules function together along the way. Build your own security systems, voice activated remote controls, pocket radios… there are 13 packs to choose from!

Click boards in packs come at a better price than if you ordered them one by one. And you’ll save even more if you combine more packs (5% off if you order between 5-19 packs, 10% off on more than 20).

Also, if you order a click pack that’s less than 99 USD (most of them are), the shipping fee is only 9.00 USD

Start exploring click packs right away. You’ll be showing off your DIY gadgets in no time! We expect to see some YouTube demonstrations from you as well.

Yours sincerely,

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