It’s that time of the year when freezing degrees make way for sunshine and a soothing breeze; trees grow new leaves and some people start to sneeze more than usual. This week we have a special offer to nudge you into spending the first days of spring outside. Buy the Buggy — the most outdoorsy piece of MikroElektronika hardware — for only $99.

Buggy for $99

That’s right. It’s $100 off for the dream car for hackers and makers.

If you already own a clicker 2 (or mikromedia board) then just get the Buggy (we recommend you buy a few click boards with it)… but the discount applies to kits too.

Go for the kits if you don’t already have a clicker 2 board. You can choose between clicker 2 for PIC18FJ, PIC32MX, STM32 and FT90x.

Each kit also contains either a BLE P click or a Bluetooth click. These work in conjunction with our Buggy Android app (it’s open source, download the code from our site). You just install the app, pair the bluetooth on your phone or tablet with the module on the click™ board, and you can drive the Buggy around.

But that’s just the start.

The Buggy is not merely a toy, it’s a robotic rover platform. With up to five mikroBUS™ slots and more than a 100 click boards to choose from, there’s thousands of ways you could make it your own. Connect a click to give it a sense of sight, sound, smell, speed, heat or cold; or thunder detection, speech recognition… whatever you imagine.

Learn more about the Buggy from the product page.

This offer lasts until Monday next week, 1:00PM CET. It’s a one time deal. Use it while it lasts.

Yours sincerely,

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