GSM 4 click gets to join the Hexiwear docking station this time.

We have made a demo on how to use GSM 4 click on the Hexiwear docking station. You can check out the video first, to get an overview of the whole project, and then visit our website and enjoy the Learn article we have made for you.

SMS is always a good choice for communication with IoT devices. You can use SMS to turn applications on and off. Get notifications about the status of a device, like the temperature at a certain time of the day, every day. Maybe set your thermostat to let you know it the temperature in the living room goes over 26 degrees C. Open your garage door by texting it “open” in an SMS.

Another great advantage is that SMS can be sent from any place on the planet that has mobile network coverage.

By the end of the article, you will know how to send and receive SMS from Hexiwear. It’s a nice way to communicate with your favorite IoT device.

GSM 4 click carries the SARA-G3 quad-band module from u-blox, which means you can get a message from Hexiwear from anywhere in the world.

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