The relayr team has been on the road lately. As official partners of Paypal’s Battlehack competition, they’ve been in Tel Aviv and Moscow attending hackatons; giving out WunderBars to assist hackers in their energy-drink fueled 24-hour hacking binges.


Organized by PayPal, BattleHack is a series of hackathon contests held in cities all across the globe. Winners of each individual competition win a real axe and a ticket to the finals in San Jose, CA, as the main prize.

relayr was one of the many partners that included big names like Microsoft, Intel and Samsung Developers.

It seems that the WunderBar was a popular choice, many hacker teams opting to use one, some even using multiple WunderBars for their hacks, but it was a skateboarding app that one first prize in Moscow.

It’s an app that uses WunderBar’s accelerometer to detect skateboard tricks. A skater attaches the sensor to his board then rolls off doing kick-flips and ollies and grinds and the app can detect each trick in real-time. The rider can then compete with peers worldwide who use the same app, and even place bets with PayPal. Preferably staying in one piece in the process.

The team that built the skateboarding app got tickets for the San Jose finals, but there were many interesting WunderBar hacks alongside it. Read the report on relayr’s blog to learn all about them.

Then if all those ideas whet your appetite for some chocolate IoT goodness, remember that you have a few hours left to get a WunderBar with a 13% discount (processed at checkout)—our Halloween offer lasting until 5PM CET.

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