The MPU IMU click carries the MPU-6000 integrated 6-axis motion tracking device in a very small package.


This click board is about as small as a postage stamp. And the MPU-6000 is smaller than the silkscreen mikroE on the click itself. Yet the chip packs a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a Digital Motion Processor (DMP). Together they constitute a high performance 6-axis motion tracking device.

If you’re building something that needs to know where’s it moving and how fast it’s going, then this is the right click board for the job.

In other words, MPU IMU click is ideal for developing motion-based remote controls or game controllers, or wearable fitness and sports gadgets, like a bracelet that would track your golf swing or something like that.

For precise tracking in both fast and slow motion, the gyroscope and accelerometer are user programmable. Also, the internal Digital Motion Processing engine supports 3D gesture recognition algorithms like Panning, zooming, scrolling, zero-motion, shake detection and tap detection.

Libstock examples are ready. For specs and details, see here.

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