If you remember Joey Hudy, a boy inventor we met this year at Microchip MASTERS conference, you might be interested in this article.


Joey is a teenage boy, still in elementary school, who lives in Phoenix Arizona with his parents. He likes to invent stuff, like his marshmellow gun, 3×3 LED CUBE shield, DIY popcorn maker and others. His inventions drew attention of many interesting people such as CEO of Microchip, Mr. Steve Sanghi, Adam Savage from Mytbusters, Mitch Altman, entrepreneur and inventor, and many visitors of his stand at Maker Fairs he attended.

You may visit Joey’s blog to see what project he is upto lately.

We received a letter from Joey’s mom, “Joey was asked to go to China with Mitch Altman and friends. They will be touring plants where some of his favorite boards are manufactured, visiting Hackerspaces and of course “tourist” stuff – then ending the trip with a Maker Faire in Beijing! Wooza! The tour is limited to 8 people..the first 8 to get airline tickets get to go!! Joey doesn’t know that we are going to try to make this happen. Surprise Surprise. I don’t want him to be sad if we can’t pull this off. So our fundraising starts early this year!”

So, people, if you like what Joey is doing, and would like to support this bright young fellow to do what he likes the most, we invite you to visit Joey’s Fundraising section of his blog and consider a donation. However small it can be, every cent is valuable.

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