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It’s almost the end of the year, and December is closing its door on us, but we still have time for one more present — a new release of FT90x compilers.

IDE improvements

This release has mainly been focused on improving the merged version of the IDE. We wanted to give you space to create GUIs with ease.

All our compilers will be merged with Visual TFT. As you may already know, FT90x was the first in line, and dsPIC and PIC followed.

This new version adds an option so you can generate and build code for multiple Visual TFT projects.

Mikromedia Plus for FT90x

We have added board definitions and examples for mikromedia Plus for FT90x. Creating fantastic graphical interfaces is going to be easy and fast with this mikromedia. It includes the FT900 microcontroller with 256KB of Flash, 256KB of shadow RAM, operating at 100 MHz.

Design a graphic interface for home automation, medical appliances, security systems or anything else that you need on a 4.3″ display.

Software Roadmap

To keep track of all the changes and improvements we are planning for our compilers in the future make sure you visit the Software Roadmap page, that will get an update today as well.

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