The FT900 MCU card is now available in our store as a standalone item. It’s the same MCU card that comes with the EasyFT90x development board.

FT900 MCU card

FT900 has 100 MHz maximum frequency, 256KB of Flash, 64KB of on-chip data memory and 256KB of Shadow program memory. The shadow program memory is what enables FT900 to operate at true zero wait states at up to 310 DMIPS, making it one of the fastest 32-bit MCUs on the market

Our MCU card format is a convenient platform for working with microcontrollers with a large pin count. The 104 pins are easy to connect with wire jumpers, and the 100 mils pitch is compatible with breadboards. So if you’re using EasyFT90x for development, when you settle on your firmware you could take out the MCU card and install it in your design. Then you could buy a new MCU card for your next project.

To reap all the benefits from FT900 try mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal for FT900 (a unique 45-day time trial license is available)

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