RTC5 click released.

RTC5 click

As we on the northern hemisphere transition to the colder months, some people have a harder time waking up. Why not build a reliable alarm clock with RTC5 clicks. The board carries MCP79510, a real-time clock/calendar from Microchip.

Compared to our other four RTC options, this is the first one with an SPI interface. The SPI runs at a clock rate of up to 5MHz, which enables you to set up an alarm within 1 millisecond.

RTC5 click is equally reliable on a larger time scale. Namely, the chip automatically compensates for months shorter than 31 days, and also keeps track of leap years.

For backup power, we chose to put a Li-po coin cell battery connector on RTC5 click. A variety of backup power options are available on other RTC clicks, different batteries, super caps and so on.

Visit the product page for more details. The Libstock example is also ready.


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