Over at Embedded-Lab, Shawon Shahryiar wrote a tutorial on how to integrate STM32F4XX Standard Peripheral Library with mikroC for ARM compilers.

Integrating SPL in mikroC for ARM

Maybe we’re a bit late as this tutorial was published earlier this month, but the workaround is still worth sharing. We haven’t tested any of this for ourselves, so no guarantees here, but Embedded-Lab is a reputable blog.

Over the years, they published many other tutorials for mikroC. More recently, there was a same tutorial like this one, but for STM32F1 MCUs. Search the site to discover more mikroC related content.

A word of warning for prospective SPL users though (an excerpt from the post):

If SPL is to make life easy this way then why not use MikroC libraries. Those are even more easy to use. Sometimes libraries are lifesavers while sometimes they are a curse. Sometimes you would not like to reinvent the “wheel” but you would certainly like to make a vehicle with it and that my friend worth more than anything else.

Of course we’re a bit biased, but we agree with the author. Sharing this link isn’t a recommendation, we’re just giving you options.

Yours sincerely,

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