DSPRobotics posted three new FlowPaw videos, demonstrating support for a couple new clicks (namely, bluetooth, RFid, and relay).


Okay, last push. With three days to go, FlowPaw needs less than 1,500 pounds to succeed.

And the Paw really wants to get out to the world. Here it is mounted on a rover, refusing to go back into its yellow box, like a Genie hesitant to return to the magic lamp:

That’s a bluetooth click making the Paw wireless. The code runs in FlowStone from a Laptop so you can switch from remote-control to autonomous mode and change the way it acts in real-time while its driving around.

The Kickstarter video shows kids tinkering with FlowStone and there’s a few shots of the drag-and-drop interface in there as well. But this two-minute clip with RFid and relay click makes it crystal-clear how simple it is to use:

Lastly, not to forget that FlowPaw’s hardware isn’t just about the mikroBUS™ sockets, this third clip shows how the servo drivers work with a webcam and an Xbox controller.

Even STMElectronics pitched in with a blog pots about FlowPaw and some social media posts. So last call: Share, tweet, blog, shout! Let’s make FlowPaw happen!

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