We are excited to announce first four click boards in mikroBUS form factor.

Four New Click Boards Released!

It’s official – we are now introducing first mikroBUS-compatible click boards. All of you who own EasyPIC v7 development board, equipped with 2 mikroBUS sockets can now easily add extra functionality – microSD card, ADC, RS485 or DIGIPOT.
ADC click
DIGI POT click
microSD click
RS485 click 5V

Click boards come with almost zero-hardware adjustments in order to work. Just click them into mikroBUS socket and they are ready to go. We invite you to visit the newly created Click Accessory Boards Group and browse through provided information and image galleries of newly added boards.

What is mikroBUS?

As we in mikroElektronika see it, Plug-and-Play devices with minimum settings are the future in embedded world. This is why our engineers have come up with a simple, but briliant pinout with lines that most of today’s accessory boards require, which almost completely eliminates the need of additional hardware settings. We called this new standard the mikroBUS.

mikroBUS host connector [view image]
Each mikroBUS host connector consists of two 1×8 female headers containing pins that are most likely to be used in the target accessory board. There are three groups of communication pins: SPI, UART and I2C communication. There are also single pins for PWM, Interrupt, Analog input, Reset and Chip Select. Pinout contains two power groups: +5V and GND on one header and +3.3V and GND on the other 1×8 header.

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