devMobile’s, a blog from New Zealand focused on Micro .NET and Azure technologies, recently featured a series of posts about Quail.

Quail and Xively

So far, six Quail-related posts can be found on the blog, the last one released five days ago. In one post, for example, you can see how the Bosch BME280 sensor on Weather click compares to Silicon Labs Si7005 in reading humidity values.

The highlight is perhaps the most recent post that connects the click-board equipped Quail to Xively – a provider of enterprise IoT remote services i.e. cloud – to provide updates on temperature and humidity every 30 seconds. According to the author: “This proof of concept appears to be reliable and has run for days at a time. The IP stacks looks like it needs a bit more work.

click boards are percolating to many niches now. Microsoft’s .NET for embedded devices is one of them, thanks to the Quail. To remind you, Quail is an STM32-driven board with four mikroBUS™ sockets that’s intended for use with Visual Studio. You need dedicated drivers to run it, which you can find on the team website.

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