FlowPaw featured on TechCrunch. Also, DSPRobotics posted a photo report from a Raspberry Pi Jam.


While you’re eagerly awaiting the outcome of FlowPaw’s Kickstarter campaign, kill some time by reading about it on TechCrunch. The article puts FlowPaw in context of UK education, and compares it with similar Kickstarter successes like Kano and others.

It was an awesome sight to see the photo of the purple-yellow box with FlowPaw and click boards tweeted out to TechCrunch’s 4.8 million followers.

In other news, FlowPaw stole the show last Saturday in York, at UK’s National STEM center, during a Raspberry Pi Jam (which is it then, a pie or a jam? heh). Hundreds of people were waiting in line for a chance to get a closer look, and the Paw was displayed in its full glory—bluetooth wireless rover, robotic arm control, a pan-tilt controlled Webcam… all with FlowPaw and FlowStone.

The Jam in question is an annual hackaton with talks, demonstrations and hands-on classes intended for kids and everyone else to get to know the Pi better.

See the photos and read more impressions from the event at the FlowPaw blog.

15 days left for FlowPaw on Kickstarter. 52 backers so far. Less than 8000 pounds to go. Any tweet, FB share, or just a word to a friend can help DSPRobotics to reach their goal!

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