Flowpaw is up on Kickstarter! And just hours after the launch, it was endorsed by the site’s staff, so now it’s officially a Kickstarter Staff Pick Project.


It’s the ta-da moment we have been waiting for since our initial announcement. Conceived by DSPRobotics, designed and built by MikroElektronika, Flowpaw is on Kickstarter for the whole world to see! Watch the 3-minute video that has DSPRobotic’s Carl explaining all about Flowpaw, inter-cut with shots of kids all awe-struck and giggling while making their own gizmos.

You could be as joyful as those kids if you get your hands on a Flowpaw kit from the first production batch — that’s an early bird pledge, but there are many more ways to support Flowpaw, you’ll see it on the Kickstarter page.

Help us spread the word. Share the Kickstarter link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. Send an email to your favorite blogger. And tell your hard-core computer geek friends that Bil Herd, computer legend, designer of Commodore 128 is also excited about the FlowPaw, and he appears in the video as well.

Back Flowpaw on Kickstarter and help make learning coding fun and easy, for the upcoming generation of kids!

Yours sincerely,

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