It’s the final straightaway before the finish line for FlowPaw. Only seven more days left for the Kickstarter campaign. And with 3/4 already funded, it’s on track for success—but by a hair’s breadth.


The atmosphere in DSPRobotics must be similar to Mission Control for yesterday’s Rosetta’s Philae landing. Here’s what Carl, CEO of DSPRobotics, said when we asked him for an update:

“We are all excited here at DSPRobotics just one week to go and fingers crossed that our KickStarter is successful. We are in ‘click board mode’ this week and have already added the Gyro click and the RFid Click as well as the Bluetooth to the FlowPaw! Seems that FlowPaw makes a great starter kit for the IoT (Internet of Things) and we have had a lot of interest from the industry & new distributors.”

Okay, maybe the comparison with Rosetta and Philae is a bit of a stretch. But consider that Flowpaw’s purpose is exactly to inspire the next generation of engineers—and the best of the best among them will work on remarkable STEM stuff, just like the space adventure we witnessed yesterday.

Will you help DSPRobotics make that happen? Make a small pledge, share FlowPaw on Facebook, Twitter, any kind of contribution will help.

Here’s a few links you could share: The TechCrunch article was very popular generating a massive amount of tweets; the article on the recently-redesigned Hackaday also did well. Then there’s the FlowPaw blog that has a bunch of videos covering various features of the board.

And of course the Flowpaw Kickstarter page itself, it’s open in our browsers all the time: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Until it hits the 19,500 mark!

Yours sincerely,

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