DSPRobotics released a firmware update for FlowPaw, as well as a software update for FlowStone STEM. “We don’t save up features for major releases, we prefer to get features to you as soon as they are ready,” is what they said on their site.

FlowPaw update

To get the update, and to keep getting future updates as soon as they come out, you’ll want to register your FlowPaw. Scroll to the bottom of this page to get the explanation.

The same page has instructions for upgrading the firmware.

DSPRobotics promise adding support for even more click boards as time goes by. As FlowPaw owners get better and better with the software (increase their FlowStone fluency), and get more creative ideas for their projects, the FlowPaw will grow with them.

So if by chance you haven’t been introduced to the FlowPaw before, it’s not to late to jump on the wagon (whether it’s for you or a nephew, niece, brother, sister, son or daughter). Learn all about the build-your-own-gizmo kit from the FlowPaw page

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