Projects that are as cool as FlowPaw inspire us for the very the best. We’re happy to give you a sneak peek into the new FlowPaw packaging.

FlowPaw packaging

Danijela, our lead designer, was quite inspired one Saturday afternoon and came up with an amazing packaging concept for the awesome FlowPaw.

FlowPaw packaging

Top part is yellow and holds basically the purple FlowPaw logo on the plain yellow background. What’s remarkable are cute little embossed paws all over the top part, giving it playful and fancy new appearance. Underneath the cover is a yellow foam which hosts the FlowPaw board.

FlowPaw packaging

Bottom part of the box is purple and features hundreds of icons related to modules on click boards. Inside is the foam with four click boards and an USB cable.

FlowPaw development is it’s final stages and expecting to be available from DSPRobotics late September. We talked more on FlowPaw here, but we recommend that you bookmark the official development blog, to be updated daily.

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