For a precious few seconds, FlowPaw was featured on BBC’s Technobabble show (UK viewers only).

FlowPaw on BBC

First Tech Crunch, now BBC? FlowPaw is now officially the most publicized product we were ever involved with. If only we knew beforehand how things would unfold, we would have made all our boards in shapes of different animal tracks. All our “Easy” boards would have been elephant feet.

Jokes aside, of course it’s the powerful combination of modular hardware (click boards) and beginner friendly software (FlowStone) that does it.

Technobabble is a kids science show and FlowPaw is primarily meant as a kids learning tool. But an STM32-powered click board-compatible development board that’s so simple to use that “even a kid can do it” — that could be an asset to grown up developers as well.

Carl Owen, CEO of DSPRobotics, touched upon the subject of FlowPaw’s potential for developers in an interview for STMicroelectronic’s host at Embedded World 2015. Unlike the BBC clip, this one has no restrictions:

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