New FlowStone modules, Stonecloud, and other FlowPaw-related news


The DSPRobotics development team added a new module to FlowStone, enhancing FlowPaw with LED strip control. Once you get hold of a 5V 60 addressable LED strip, all you have to do is connect it to the PWM pin on one of the four mikroBUS™ sockets, or claws (as they are known in FlowPaw lingo). Then drop the module and FlowStone and control the LEDs from there — the intensity, the colors, the pattern and so on.

Another FlowPaw enhancement is StoneCloud (a name that has sort of a poetic ring to it). It’s the missing link that brings IoT to FlowPaw. Using a unique address which is created with the ID of the FlowPaw board, the StoneCloud lets you monitor and control your FlowPaw from anywhere in the world.

And if by any remote chance, of all the places in the world, you found yourself at the Institute of Engineering Technology at Derby University last week, you could have seen the whole setup yourself. FlowPaw was presented there at the 2015 BigBang fair, in front of hundreds of teachers and students. According to Carl, “FlowPaw was popular as ever.”

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