FlowPaw and SpeakUp landed on the front page of the US magazine “Robot”. Carl Owen of DSPRobotics wrote the cover story on how to incorporate speech recognition into robotics or similar projects.


In the article, Carl talks about the pros and cons of speech recognition modules like SpeakUp compared to cloud-based speech recognition solutions (like Siri or Google now), especially for people who are developing robots. To illustrate his points Carl describes a few projects that the DSPRobotics team did with the SpeakUp/FlowPaw/FlowStone.

Click on the image to read the entire article.

For the complete tutorial you’ll need to get a copy of the magazine. This is the 18th Flowstone workshop featured in the magazine so far.

By the way, one of the projects Carl described is about controlling a rover with voice commands. Speaking of robot rovers, the buggy week offer expired today. However, rather than returning the original prices, we’ve managed to permanently lower the prices for the Buggy, making it more affordable. You can get a few extra click boards and still save. Check out the reduction at the Buggy page

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