We wanted to share an interesting Flip&Click project with you this sunny Friday. Our split-personality development board is as popular as ever.

So, visit the Zerynth blog and find out how you can control Servo Motors in an IoT project. If you want to try it out right away, you will be needing Zerynth Studio, a Servo Motor of your choice, WiFi 4 click and of course, Flip&Click.

Read the whole tutorial and you’ll get detailed instructions on how to connect all the components, code snippets in Python, step-by-step explanations and images.


Flip&Click is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used as a 32-bit Arduino Due powered by ARM Cortex™-M3 AT91SAM3X8E microcontroller, but it can also run Python. In either case, it’s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards (out of hundreds available).

For more information about the Flip&Click see the product page.

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