On April 16 & 17, Maker Faire is coming to Vienna, Austria, for the first time. Thanks to Bürklin Elektronik, we will be there to run a few Flip & click workshops.

Flip & click workshops at Maker Faire Vienna

MikroElektronika will not participate at Maker Faire Vienna as an exhibitor but you will be able to meet our team at Bürklin Elektronik’s stand. Richard Lowe, the chief editor of learn.mikroe.com will hold a workshop about Flip & click and Python. He is still preparing the materials but here’s his description of what to expect:

Microcontrollers of today are more powerful than the supercomputers a few decades ago. Although we have made it easier to use with inventions like Arduino, we are not yet harnessing the power contained in the silicon. To break through the learning barrier we use higher level languages to abstract the complexity. At MakerFaire Vienna we are going to be exploring the use of Python on the Flip & click and how easy it is to add multiple click boards to a project. All without having to earn a PhD.

To remind you, last week we announced our collaboration with Zerynth studio to provide Python-compatibility for the Flip & click. It’s yet to be rolled out officially but it’ll be available in time for the Maker Faire.

Flip & click was originally introduced at Maker & Faire Rome last year, where we were one of the sponsors/exhibitors, so another Maker Faire this year is the perfect venue to show off the Python-enhanced Flip & click.

Get your tickets on the official site.

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