Ripples from the Maker Faire haven’t settled yet.

Flip n click on Atmel’s blog

The official Atmel blog “Bits & Pieces” published a post titled “This board is flippin’ cool“, and you can guess what’s it about.

First, during the Faire Atmel guys shared Flip & click on their official Twitter account, putting it in front of their 43k followers, sparking dozens of faves and retweets. Expanding on that, a blog post followed.

This is an excerpt from what they had to say:

…you’ll find four open sockets for what the company calls ‘click boards.’ Essentially, these are add-on modules that resemble Arduino shields, but shrunken down so that you can fit a few at the same time on the Flip & click without any trouble. With more than 160 to choose from, Makers can prototype their next gizmo or gadget effortlessly by simply adding new functionality to their dev boards. As to what you can create with Flip & click, the possibilities are endless.

Rome really got the ball rolling for the Flip & click. Our next move is to release it for sale and make it available to everyone while it’s still hot.

Yours sincerely,

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