The 8MB SST26VF064B chip on Flash 2 click is specified for 100,000 write cycles and 100 years of data retention. Which one will you use up first?

Flash 2 click

It depends on how smart you are about writing and erasing the data. The catch is that you can write pages but you can only erase entire blocks. It sounds like a programmer’s version of one of those river crossing brain teasers.

But it’s not that complicated. You just have to be aware of some good practices. If you are not familiar, just consult our article about Flash memory. It answers a lot of questions.

– What is Flash, what are the pros and cons of Flash vs other memory technologies?
– What are the limitations of Flash?
– What’s the trade-off between different types of memory cells?
– What are the four parts that every Flash chip has and what types of constraints does it put on writing and erasing?

Get more details about Flash 2 click on the product page. The schematic along with essential information is available on, while the code examples are on Libstock.

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