Do you get so carried away when coding or designing in Altium that you wouldn’t even notice if the curtain behind you caught fire? For insurance, build a fire alarm with Flame click.

Flame click

Flame click carries a phototransistor covered in black epoxy, making it sensitive to the infrared radiation from an open flame. 

Phototransistor-based flame detectors react faster than smoke or heat sensors but they have a narrower sensing angle and shorter range. As such, they are good for monitoring specific spots that have a risk of catching fire. Examples include electric fuse boxes or motor boxes. But if the flame is large enough (heaven forbid) it could be curtains.

Since it is an infrared sensor you need to calibrate it to prevent it from reacting to other forms of thermal radiation. To do so use the onboard potentiometer which sets the threshold for the sensor. Once reached, it triggers an interrupt for the target board MCU.

Otherwise the sensor also outputs an analog voltage through the mikroBUS AN pin.

Details on the product page.  A nifty Libstock example also available.

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