It’s election day for new click packs. Five candidates to choose from. Vote for the one that looks most promising for your projects.


Click packs are collections of four click boards grouped together to be suitable for a certain type of project. The benefit of getting a click pack compared to purchasing each click separately is the better price (about 10 percent off, more or less).

Last week we asked you to give us ideas for new click packs. From all the responses, we narrowed the selection to three. Now it’s up to you to choose the winner (and if the particular pack was your idea, we’ll send it to you for free).

Here are the candidates:

Wireless guru 2

Wifi Plus click
Bluetooth click
BEE click
tRF click

A spinoff from the original Wireless Guru click pack with a different set of modules. Since we have so many wireless boards, it makes sense not to contain the choice to just one.

Smartphone extender

NFC Tag click
BLE P click
SD click
relay click

Extend the utility of your smartphone or tablet. Make it the central hub of your home or office with click boards that’ll take advantage of the potential of your phone’s hardware.


UNI Hall click
LIN Hall click
OLED W click
WiFi click

The Hall Effect is one of the most widely applied sensing technologies. It’s versatile and robust. All you need is a piece of magnet, and you can infer rotary speed, angular position, speed or distance in various setups. You just need to use it creatively. Use the OLED as a simple Dashboard.


RS 485 click (3.3V)
WiFi 3 click
BLE P click
relay click

The idea is to design and code a device for controlling up to a universe (512 DMX channels) of LED lights in a lighting object by smartphone apps both for iOS and Android. Note: the original idea included clicker 2 for PIC 32MX but we left that one out because it doesn’t fit in our click pack concept.

UltiConn click pack

BLE P click
CAN SPI click 3.3V
WiFi Click 2
RS232 click

Complete data logger which would be able to resend data via BT or WiFi. CAN and RS232 would be used as source of data.

Now, cast your vote:

Yours sincerely,

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