Read the first impressions from the first of many bloggers—we hope—that will cover the FlowPaw in the coming months. Also, a new, shorter introduction video.


If you missed our announcement of FlowPaw, the development board intended to introduce kids to the embedded world, make up for it here. Also check the follow-up post.

There’s a thorough 11-minute introduction video in that first article, but if you want a shorter introduction, check out the recently posted FlowPaw Elevator pitch:

And now you can read Intorobotic’s first impressions of the board. Intorobotics is a pretty good blog ran by Calin Dragos-George, an IT analyst passionate about robotics. Here’s an excerpt:

In the era of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, several other development platforms are engineered to deliver simplicity and facilitate the first step in robotics and automation. In this area is coming another player able to solve the difficult programming software and over complicated hardware engineered for adults use. Suitable for children or students, the FlowPaw development board comes with easy to use software and versatile hardware solution to facilitate the development and the first step in robotics and automation.

Read the whole piece at Intorobotics. Follow us, and for more updates on the upcoming FlowPaw.

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