Yesterday was opening day of this year’s Embedded World in Nürnberg, and we had a great time. Read on to see what we were up to.

Mikroelektronika at Embedded World 2014

There was this special moment happening over and over again throughout the day as we talked to visitors and presented our products: it’s when you see how the person you’re talking to gets briefly distracted by his own thoughts as soon as he or she realizes what amazing potential click™ boards have, for example. It’s kind of a deep gaze followed by a smile. You can almost see how ideas start simmering in the person’s mind. It’s a fleeting moment, lasts for a second or two, but it makes all our hard work and dedication worthwhile.

Mikroelektronika at Embedded World 2014

Imagine then how great it feels when this happens more than once. Our booth was at times so crowded that people had to wait in line to talk to us. It’s usually the mikromedia boards with the colorful screens and running demos that first grab the attention of passers-by.

Then there’s the Pi click shield which also sparked a lot of interest from Raspberry Pi fans. The tiny shield is probably not much to look at by itself, but when people get what it’s for, and see the display of click boards close by, they get that gaze.

Mikroelektronika at Embedded World 2014

Students and hobbyists were attracted by the PIC clicker, for the same reason – the ability to build an original, compact working gadget for a small price.

On the business side, we had meetings with our friends from Mouser, Farnell, Texas Instruments and ST.

It was a busy day, and all that excitement gets to you, so by closing hours we were exhausted. We replenished ourselves with beer, food, and good company at the traditional exhibitor’s party in front of Hall 1, but it was off to sleep soon after that, because day two starts early.

We’re truly grateful for the interest you show in our products.

Yours sincerely,

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