French students Baptiste, Pierre, and Grégoire have completed their internship at MikroElektronika. This marks our first successful Internship collaboration with universities abroad.

“I hope one day you will sell us a WiFi stack for a few thousand dollars,” said one of our managers to Grégoire who was holding the presentation marking the completion of his internship.

French Interns arrived two months ago as students of ESEO INSTITUTE OF SC. & TECHNOLOGY from Angers, a city west of Paris. For them, spending time in a company abroad is a prerequisite for graduating (they told us that that holds true for all technical universities in France).

According to their testimonials, it was a tremendous experience. Our Internship program is designed to let students execute small projects from start to finish instead of helping here and there. We feel that this way people get much more value out of the program. We get value too, so it’s a win win situation, as our chief of software put it.

The WiFi stack comment was a motivational remark to get Grégoire to continue working on what turned out to be a tough problem to tackle. “You saw how hard it is”, said the manager. “You can be sure that it represents a problem to a lot more people. That’s how you know it’s important. Solve it, and that’s how you make yourself valuable, that’s how you make money.”

Yours sincerely,

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