Forum members Megahurts and st5 broke the ice on the new forum section.

Two reviews on the forum

There’s been two reviews since we opened the dedicated Forum section two weeks ago. One of them is Megahurts with an Element 14 roadtest review bundle that includes Arduino UNO click shield and SHT1x click.

Megahurts is a seasoned MikroE forum member and has a lot to say. His long form review (16 pages of pdf) includes some third party hardware, along with a few Star Trek and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references woven in throughout. For anyone looking at a Arduino Uno click shield, or just in need of an introduction to click boards, it’s worth checking out.

st5, also an active forum contributor, posted a concise and balanced review of PICPLC16 v6, the PLC system. st5 seems to own three PICPLC v6 boards already, judging by his signature. His conclusion is that it’s a nice board, but primarily for development and testing purposes.

Let’s hear your thoughts then. Feel free to post your reviews, or ask for reviews on specific products. The Forum community consists of our core users, so they are perhaps more credible than anyone else to comment on our products.

On an unrelated note, Andrew Hazelden published a small mikromedia for PIC32 example, using Dragan Regodic’s TFT Graphics library. (As you might know Dragan started working here since that library was published, and in fact he’s responsible for a hefty portion of click boards released last year, as well as for the Buggy Android App and firmware.)

Also, we’ve taken care of some loose ends, namely, overdue examples for WiFi2 and WiFi3 clicks are now on Libstock.

Yours sincerely,

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