You still have time to design a click board that will win our Upverter competition, earning you $6k-worth of prizes. Here’s our estimate.

Upverter four days left

Ideally, when you know what you’re doing and have enough hours to spare, you can design a click in a day.

Assuming you don’t have enough hours, let’s spread it across two days.

Then let’s also allow for the fact that you may not know what you are doing. You never really tried Upverter? Well, if you had any experience with hardware design, another two days would indeed be enough.

See how Lucio di Jasio (the author of Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB) described his first-encounter with Upverter:

I registered (free trial account) and followed the tutorial through a small number of steps while editing a complex (4 layer) board. Honestly I was expecting something something very basic, perhaps similar to the PCB Express (free) schematic capture and PCB design tools, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had access to a very complete and responsive tool much closer to an Altium instead!

That’s good news isn’t it? Especially if you started your design but then forgot about it. Time to review those half-finished projects. See it afresh. Visualise it manufactured. Then dig in and work it out.

We’re eager to see your submission. Good luck!

Yours sincerely,

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