Today we’re releasing two fantastic boards. They are called Fiber Opt Click and come in versions for 3.3V and 5V power supply.

Fiberer Opt click boards released!

Fiber Opt click™ board comes in two versions: Fiber Opt click™ – 3.3V and Fiber Opt click™ – 5V. They are compact and easy solutions for adding fiber-optic communication to your design. Each one features IF-D91 fiber-optic photodiode, IF-E97 fiber-optic LED diode as well as two operational amplifiers. Provided plastic optic connectors feature an internal micro-lens and a precision-molded PBT housing to ensure efficient optical coupling with plastic fiber cable. Data rates of up to 512 Kbps can be achieved. The Fiber Opt Click™ boards communicate with the target MCU via UART interface or directly through the GPIO pins depending on the position of the J1 and J2 SMD jumpers. UART position is set by default.

All of these features make this board ideal for data links, local area networks, motor controller triggering, medical instruments, EMC/EMI signal isolation and many more.

We invite you to visit the board webpages for more information.

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