Expand your design with peripherals that have power requirements beyond what your MCU can handle.

Expand 4

350 mA and 50V is enough power to turn a microcontroller into fried silicon. But here’s an easy way to connect peripherals with those kinds of power requirements, while keeping the MCU circuitry safe and sound — Expand 4 click.

This board carries the TPCIC61595 IC. For TI aficionados, this chip is essentially a combination of two other TI classics: the 74HC595 serial-in, parallel-out shift register, and the ULN2803 transistor array.

The mikroBUS™ SPI interface is the serial input. The output consists of 8 open-drain transistors outputs with continuous sink capability.

A few additional pins give you more control over the behaviour of the IC (CLR IN, CS, EN IN). To see what they’re exactly for, go to the product page. Practical examples, you’ll find on Libstock.

If the power requirements of your peripherals are more modest, check out our other Expand clicks. The original Expand click with SPI interface and Expand 2 click with I2C have 16 I/Os. The third option, Expand 3 click, uses 1-Wire.


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