Click boards with GSM modules are constantly among our top-sellers. The latest, GSM3 click, carries the SIM800H module.

GSM3 click

As the click board count continues to climb we’re committed to cater to your curiosity with uncommon clicks but we also take care to cover cases where your creations call for clicks with more conventional capabilities.

In other words some click boards expand our offering while others deepen it. GSM3 click™ belongs to the latter.

The third click™ board with a GSM module carries SIM800H. This quad-band module supports 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequency ranges.

What may be more interesting is that SIM800H also supports Bluetooth, so we placed a 2.4 GHz antenna to make use of it. We also provided a connection pad with an Audio Input/Output (two pins for earphones, which can also be used as an FM antenna, and a pin for a microphone, plus GND).

Of course you have your SIM slot on the underside, as do other GSM clicks.

GSM3 click™ exchanges data with the target board microcontroller through UART, but a total of 8 mikroBUS™ lines are used here for various other functions.

Check the product page for more details. Or inspect the Libstock example (for now we posted a simple demo but some more examples are coming up, as our Support department informs us).

As cellular towers abound, GSM is a robust and reliable way to communicate with your devices (more reliable than our brains, as the whole Internet learned today with that blue/gold dress color conundrum). Now you have a triplet of GSM clicks to choose from. Find your favorite and start designing now.

Yours sincerely,

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