ETH Wiz click solves your networking needs with a single chip — Wiznet’s W5500. Let’s break down the wizardry.

ETH Wiz click

W5500 will simplify how you establish Internet connectivity for your embedded designs, especially now when we made a click board for it. It’s a 10/100 BASE-TX standalone Ethernet controller with a hardwired TCP/IP Internet protocol offload engine.

The hardwired TCP/IP supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE protocols. Automatic handshaking, retransmit on collision and automatic rejection of erroneous packages — all that Ethernet wizardry — is supported.

The efficient SPI protocol for communicating with the target board MCU works at speeds of up to 80 MHz. The chip also has 32KB of internal memory for TX/RX buffers.

Wiznet’s designers also thought about power saving, implementing Wake on LAN and power down modes.

The click board works on a 3.3V power supply, but W5500 tolerates 5V I/O signals. Start implementing ETH Wiz into your projects right away, start from the Libstock example, and check all the other details on the product page.

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