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After EnOcean click, we bring you EnOcean 2 click. The main difference between the two being the operating frequency. EnOcean 2 click carries the TCM 515Z transceiver module, that works on 2.4 GHz frequency for ZigBee systems.

Self-powered IoT

EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless modules are the perfect solution for smart homes and IoT in general. Just think about it, you could have a smart home lighting system where the switches don’t require a battery or an external power supply.

For example, EnOcean can generate electrical energy by using physical motion. A light switch can be powered by the action of someone pressing a button.

EnOcean 2 click

EnOcean 2 click carries the TCM 515Z transceiver. TCM 515Z enables the realization of line-powered actuators, controllers, and gateways communicating based on the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard.

The module provides a transparent radio link between EnOcean 2.4 GHz devices and an external host.

For more information on EnOcean 2 click check out the product page. There is a detailed Learn article on EnOcean wireless communication that will explain everything you would ever want to know about the data rate, transmission frequency, range and more.

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