Our end of year sale is here: From now until December 31, 5:00 PM CET, everything is 10% OFF; plus, there’s an additional 20% discount on compilers. That’s equal to a 28% price reduction in total for compilers!

End of year sale

Will you be using the holidays to indulge in food and drink, or will you give yourself a head start and get working on your new year’s resolution? Improve your skills by taking on new projects; increase the productivity of your business with new tools.

It’s our traditional end of year sale. We do these to gauge the demand which helps us plan better for the next year. It’s our longest-lasting sale and everything is AT LEAST 10% OFF.

At least, because there’s an even better deal for compilers. In May we celebrated 10 years of compiler development with unprecedented discounts, but some of you missed the opportunity. Surely, professionals among you get the development tools you need based on what the job demands. You can’t press your luck by waiting for a special offer to come by. Postponing would lose you money.

However, we understand that a few students and hobbyists among you are on a tight budget. For you, one last time, to close the year that marks a decade since our first compiler was published — compilers are on sale one more time.

Never say never, but we don’t see this happening again. Here’s the deal:

Compiler prices are lowered by 20%, and on top of that, you get the overall 10% end of year discount that’s applied at checkout. It’s a discount on a discount, bringing compiler prices way down.

Important notice: Prices apply to compilers only (all of them: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal), not for kits containing compilers.

To sum up, that’s a 10% discount on all orders at checkout — applied even to compilers, which have an additional 20% discount by themselves. Offer lasts from December 17, 5:00 PM CET, until Wednesday December 31, 6:00 PM CET. Rather then wait until the last few hours of New Year’s Eve, place your orders now.

Yours sincerely,

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