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Everyone knows how to improve their muscle definition. You exercise and eat healthy food, and in time the muscle definition of your body improves. But do you know how to check the health of your muscles?

Motor neurons transmit electrical signals. These signals cause the skeletal muscles to contract or relax. Our newest click board, EMG click, measures this electrical activity. Find out in what shape your muscles are.

EMG click

EMG click measures the electrical activity produced by the skeletal muscles. It carries MCP609 operational amplifier and MAX6106 micropower voltage reference.

Keep in mind that EMG click is a prototyping tool, not a medical grade device.

The click is designed to run on a 5V power supply.

EMG click bundle

To record an EMG you need three things: EMG click, the ECG/EMG cable, and disposable adhesive pads. That is why we created the EMG click bundle. It contains everything mentioned above, and it’s a great starting point.

EMG or Electromyography

EMG or Electromyography is a diagnostic procedure for evaluating the health of muscles and nerves. These nerves are the motor neurons that control the muscles.

For more information about EMG click see the product page.

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