Raj Bhatt from Embedded-Lab recently reviewed the EasyPIC v7. He calls it (and rightfully so, if we might add) “one of the best PIC development boards” and a “must have”.


This is a detailed review that got many shares and re-tweets since it was posted a few days ago. It goes over all important features, with close-up photos that illustrate them. Here’s the summary:

EasyPIC v7 is one of the best PIC development boards I have ever come across for its high quality build, abundant I/O resources, highly flexible and configurable design, and support of a wide range of 8-bit PIC MCUs. The on board USB 2.0 mikroProg tool allows faster programming and real-time debugging of over 350 PIC microcontrollers. The presence of Microchip’s ICD2/3 compatible RJ-12 connector on board also allows users to use a third party programmer/debugger along with the Microchip’s MPLAB development tool. Tons of mikroElektronika’s accessory boards available in mikroBUS form factor further expands the capabilities of EasyPIC v7 beyond limits. The schematics manual and user’s guide included in the package explain very well all the on-board features and how to use them. EasyPIC v7 is a must have development board for both starters and experienced developers, and for all PIC lovers, in general.

Read the entire review here.

If you’re an EasyPIC v7 owner yourself, be sure to leave a comment on Raj’s review. It’ll be helpful to other readers seeking second opinions.

Newcomers should also check out our own EasyPIC v7 product page here.

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