Elon Musk sets the pace but others are joining the race. Idea4, a student startup from Croatia, is working on bringing compact, universal electric vehicle chargers to the market, along with charging stations along the Adriatic coast, and they will use mikroC for ARM to develop the prototype.


The compact chargers measure just 30x20x10 cm and weight only 7kg, capable of outputting max power of 40kW in voltage range of 12-1000V. According to Idea4’s one-pager pitch sheet, it would take between 45-240 minutes to fill up any electric car on the market with their charger.

The four member team, half engineering half economics students, started when founder David Uroic came up with an idea of building Croatia’s first electric formula car. That project also included a charger for the would-be formula. As it so often happens with startups, eventually they pivoted towards making a more commercially viable product so the chargers became the main focus.

Their ultimate goal is to have the Adriatic coast lined with charging stations for electric cars, all stations powered from renewable energy sources.

With a well thought-out business plan and active participation at various startup events they already attracted investors from around the world.


We decided to support them with compiler licenses. They were kind enough to promote us at their latest public appearance at the Idea Knockout startup competition in Zagreb. Our biggest satisfaction would come if their vision becomes true.

Do you have a strapped-for-resources startup? Need some development tools? Pitch us your idea, if we like it, we may be able to help.

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