For an in-depth review of mikroC for ARM, read the recently published Adam Carlson’s article on EETimes: Taking the mikroC Toolchain for a Test Drive.


EETimes published a review of mikroC for ARM today. Written by Adam Carlson, a regular contributor there, it’s an in-depth 1,500+ words review worth reading even if you prefer other architectures to ARM, because many of the features Adam mentions are shared amongst the entire compiler family.

Adam was particularly impressed by the fact that mikroC for ARM’s initial example is an introduction to USB HID communications:

I went from not being able to get USB HID working on any microcontroller to having it working on three different ones and two different vendors all within one evening.

He then goes into further details describing the various features of the IDE and the built in tools that make coding easier. Adam concludes his review on a positive note:

To those wanting to make the decision between this and other toolchains, I offer this advice — If you are needing something that can offer you a prototype without wanting to dig though thousands of pages of documentation just trying to get the basic chip up and running, I would suggest adding this to your list for consideration. For only $299 you get a perpetual, node-locked license that entitles you to lifetime updates and direct tech support.

Be sure to read the entire piece, and leave your own comments on EETimes.

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