EEPROM 3 click has a selectable I2C address that makes it easy to double up.

EEPROM3 click

EEPROM 3 click, carrying Atmel’s AT24CM02 chip, is for designs that rely on I2C for doing the writing, reading and erasing. Same as the previous, SPI-compatible EEPROM 2 click (where we recapped the history of EEPROM), this one also has 256 KB. It can also perform single byte writing as well as whole page writing.

The I2C interface is not as fast as SPI (1 MHz in fastest mode compared to 5 for EEPROM2) but it has the benefit of selectable addresses. If you take two EEPROM3 clicks and solder the onboard ADD jumpers in opposite positions, you can use both at the same time on the same I2C bus. That gives you a total of 512 KB, which is half a megabyte (or is it? You can read our treatise on kilobytes and kibibytes in our SRAM click announcement from a while back).

A well entrenched technology, EEPROM is cost-effective and long lasting. This one is spec’d for a century of data retention or a million read/write cycles, whatever comes first.

The Libstock library will make it easy to set it up. For other details, see the product page.


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