One of our oldest distributors – Lextronic from France is about to launch a new catalog for 2012. mikroElektronika products have a special place.

EasyPIC v7 on the cover of the new Lextronic catalog

Yesterday we received the latest catalog from our friends from Lextronic. They have been working very hard in the past couple of months to put every product they sell into it, with pictures and detailed descriptions. And they did a great job. Great choice of paper, hi-quality photos, nice page organization and lot of information about each feature, make this catalog a true friend of the customer.

EasyPIC v7 page in the catalog

Even though Lextronic sells products from a lot of vendors, mikroElektronika has a special place in the catalogue. No other than EasyPIC v7 photo is on the cover page, in all it’s beauty. First page contains introductory text with a nice photo of BIG8051 development board. Almost all of our products are represented there with even screenshots of the pages from user manuals. If you want to get your copy of the hot new Lextronic catalog, send an inquiry at

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