Our top seller board EasyPIC v7 celebrates 2nd birthday. Join our celebration with amazing four-day $50 price discount!

EasyPIC v7 birthday discount!

This Monday, EasyPIC v7 is two years old. Starting from 5:00PM CET on Friday, October 4th until 9:00AM on Tuesday, October 8th, we’re giving you our top seller development board at fantastic price of only $99! Grab this opportunity to get yours and find out why it is the first choice of so many engineers.

Let’s remember how it all started

It was a warm October Friday evening in 2011. Everybody was rushing to finish the last bits and pieces before the big release. Some were polishing website photos, some were adding a final touch to website banners, while the others were crunching their nails, for they haven’t had a chance to eat since eight in the morning 🙂 Euphoria was everywhere. Beer delivery guys rang the doorbell, and the dishes were served an hour ago in the dining room. The smell of food filled the offices, but nobody left their desks.

It was a big day for us. After months of fine tuning and innovating, we were finaly about to release what is to become our best development board ever – EasyPIC v7. Take a time to read the news announcement from two years ago.


Since that October 7th, until today, we have sold over 16,500 EasyPICs to more than 10,000 customers. That’s pretty impressive. EasyPIC v7 mostly inhabits university laboratories and workdesks of enginneers in startups, as well as in large multinational companies. It’s also a favorite pet of engineers and hobbyists worldwide. You can do remarkable things with it. You can even turn it into a cell phone, TV remote controller, pinball machine computer, video game console, vending machine and virtually anything you imagine!

Yours sincerely,

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