A cake company from Serbia owned by a friend of mikroElektronika, sent us a beautiful cake in shape of EasyPIC v7 board.

EasyPIC v7 Cake for Hollidays

Yesterday morning we were delivered the present at our doorstep. It contained an envelope with a card saying “To our old friends from mikroElektronika. Happy holidays”. We didn’t know what’s inside, because it was packed in a white box. We rushed to open it on the kitchen table and we were completely amazed with our present. It was a nice green cake in the shape of our EasyPIC v7 development board. Although some details weren’t quite in proportion as on the board itself, it was so cute to have a sweet little mikroProg, mikroBUS, push buttons, LCD and GLCD on the cake. We decided to cut a piece with the mikroProg and give it to Marko, who is a lead developer of our programmers. He was completely surprised and he couldn’t get a smile off his face for hours. He got to eat his programmer – but in eadible and sweet version 🙂

This might just be the best gift we’ve got for this Christmas.

[click on the image to enlarge]

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