We are really excited to present you with the new best place for big PICs – EasyPIC PRO v7 board.

EasyPIC PRO™ v7 released!

For the first time in history we have managed to combine all the features of BIGPIC6 and LV18F v6 boards, which supported high pin count PICs into the unique EasyPIC™ PRO v7. Supporting microcontrollers in both 5V and 3.3V power supply technology, this board is truly fantastic tool for development. Newly redesigned MCU cards are here to stay. They are well organized and cover all high-pin-count PIC® microcontrollers in TQFP packaging.

As in EasyPIC v7, we’ve grouped PORT headers, LEDs and Buttons into Input-Output groups, thus making them easier to use than ever before. We’ve equipped the boards with tri-state DIP switches, so placing pull-up or pull-down jumpers to desired pins is now just a matter of pushing the switch.

Connectivity is also the focus of this board. We’ve provided two separate PORT headers: one in Input-Output groups, and another one on the right side of the board, so you will be able to access those pins from which ever place is more convenient.

Board is well thought through. It has dual power supply, supporting both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. It’s like having two boards instead of one!

Probably the best feature of the board is powerful on-board mikroProg™ programmer and In-Circuit debugger, capable of programming almost 100 high pin count PIC18® microcontrollers! Debugging is supported with all mikroElektronika PIC compilers – mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal. Great performance and easy operation are it’s top features.

EasyPIC PRO™ v7 has three mikroBUS™ sockets so you will be able to use fast growing number of available Click™ Boards, which will make development easier then ever. No configuration or jumping, just plug-n-play.

Board is enriched by new modules: Serial EEPROM, Piezo Buzzer and support for both DS1820, and LM35 Temperature sensors. Ethernet is supported over RJ45 connector, so you will be able to exploit internal Ethernet modules of PIC18FX7J60 microcontrollers.

We’ve spend days making and fine-tuning User Manuals and Schematics, and we think you are going to be thrilled with the new design. We’ve put a lot of work into making them very informative, with lots of clear photos, good explanations and well thought organization.

EasyPIC PRO™ v7 is here. It has a new webpage with lots of useful information including image gallery, MCU cards tab and other. We invite you to go there and get to know why this cool board is the best place for big PICs.

Yours sincerely,

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