Are you aware that the 8-bit PIC market is in a midst of a tremendous growth spurt?

EasyPIC v7 with character LCD and touch panel GLCD

Microchip’s chief operating officer Ganesh Moorty recently said that the demand for 8-bit PICs has been so strong, they are barely able to ramp up production fast enough. Microchip increased its expenditures on capacity expansion to $175 million—highest level in over 10 years.

This week, EETimes reported that the demand for 8-bit PICs is growing by 15% and 20% per quarter.

Now is a good time as ever to start exploring the ever-popular 8-bit PICs. If you agree that hands-on experience is best, you’ll like this offer:

This weekend only, order an EasyPIC v7 and you’ll get a character LCD and GLCD with touch panel to go with it, all for $149 (saves you $33 than if bought separately).

With EasyPIC v7 you’ll have everything you need for 8-bit PIC development: support for 350+ PIC MCUs, the ease-of-use that comes with multiple power supply options, on-board programmer, loads of examples on Libstock…

This offer lasts until Monday, August 25, 5PM CETyour new EasyPIC v7 will last for years and years to come.

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